Sequentials Call for Comics

The Trace Innovation Initiative, a research endeavor maintained through the University of Florida’s Department of English, is proud to produce Sequentials, a hub for scholarship presented in comics form. Following Scott McCloud’s 1993 publication Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, as well as other visual comics scholarship from authors such as Nick Sousanis and Neil Cohn, Sequentials solicits and publishes interpretations of various academic subjects or themes drawn and explained through the comics medium. As a Trace Initiative project, Sequentials contributes to the flourishing field of comics scholarship and seeks to expand the production and circulation of knowledge.

This long-term project asks contributors to (re)imagine the meanings of both the subject they are drawing about and the form that their interpretation takes. By encouraging contributors to conceptualize their work in a distinctly visual way, this project highlights the creative capabilities of comics as a medium and reflects Trace's overall focus on innovative research, writing, and knowledge production.

Sequentials invites scholars, artists, and critics to submit original visual scholarship on any academic, social, or artistic subject. Submissions may be of any length and may be either a large, single image or a series of “pages” to be displayed sequentially. All submissions will be blind reviewed by the Sequentials editorial team and outside reviewers. Accepted comics for the General Forum will be published online as part of the journal's next themed issue.

We strongly encourage contributors to consider how the comics form can interpret, envision, or reflect meanings associated with the given topic. To submit, please follow the directions outlined by Submittable. Any questions or comments can be referred to the Sequentials editorial staff at

Sequentials Call for Comics

Materiality: Drawing (on) Technologies

Materiality is the mediating force through which our senses engage information. As print and digital technologies alike have become increasingly more sophisticated, accessible, and affordable, some creators, scholars, and consumers have embraced innovative digital technologies, while others remain devoted to more familiar materials and formats. Differences in income, education, geographical location, and other factors heavily influence the technologies—digital and physical—through which we produce and consume content, conduct business, and communicate with others. 

For Sequentials’ fourth Call For Comics, we seek visual interpretations of materiality in its myriad forms. How does form dictate content, and vice versa? How do digital platforms impact engagement and accessibility? Where do we situate the digital/analog divide? In short: how do we understand and navigate the material considerations of our world?

Submissions must be illustrated in comics form and can visualize one or more aspects or interpretations of the subject. Possible topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Print forms/technologies
  • Book/publishing history
  • Digital materiality
  • Experimental or atypical formats
  • Transitions from print to digital (or vice versa)
  • Non-visual texts
  • Haptic interfaces
  • Intersections between comics and materiality

By “comics,” we loosely mean illustrated, sequential images that may or may not incorporate words and may or may not be bounded within panels or other boundary markers. We invite submissions from individuals in all academic disciplines, regardless of their level of experience with comics or illustration “skills.” Submissions will also be welcomed from non-academics, and the editorial team at Sequentials will consider all submissions equally. Submissions may be of any length and may be either a large, single image or a series of “pages” to be displayed sequentially. We especially encourage submissions that embody or express the material consideration(s) they engage. All submissions will be blind reviewed by the Sequentials editorial team and outside reviewers.

To submit, upload a submission title, cover letter, and high-resolution image(s) to the “Sequentials 4 – Materiality: Drawing (on) Technologies” category of the Submittable platform here: by JULY 15, 2019. Please direct any questions to