Call for Comics:

In the complex and rich history of queer theories, activisms, and practices, the term “queer” has been deployed in a variety of ways. In “Sex in Public,” Lauren Berlant and Michael Warner look at queerness and queer culture as “a world-making project,” a process of continual action with subversive potential (Berlant and Warner 558). José Esteban Muñoz, too, considers queerness to be a sort of horizontal (rather than teleological) temporality that comprises a utopian futurity and potentiality. In Time Binds, Elizabeth Freeman discusses “queer” as simultaneously a way of being and a mode of action, positioning queers as “denizens of time out of joint,” and queerness as “rhythmic improvisations of the social” (Freeman 19, 172). Judith Butler, in Bodies That Matter, looks at queerness’ relations to discourse and performativity, arguing that “queering” is a “sudden gap in the surface of language” (Butler 130).

For Sequentials’ second Call For Comics, we seek visual interpretations of the complexity of queer existence, discourse, and theoretical concepts. We are particularly interested in submissions that comment on the relationship between various deployments of the term “queer” and concepts of visibility, visuality, and art-as-activism. Submissions must be illustrated in comics form and can visualize a particular interpretation of a given theorist’s concept(s), a unique contribution to the field of queer theory, or the possible connection between comics and queer theory. 

Possible topics may include, but are not limited to:

·      “Queer” as noun, adjective, and/or verb

·      Queer performativity

·      Intersectionality (queerness as co-constitutive with race, class, gender, etc.)

·      Queer futurity

·      Queer utopias

·      Theories of negativity and anti-relationality

·      Queer time and/or space

·      Queer history

·      LGBTQ+ activisms

By “comics,” we loosely mean illustrated, sequential images that may or may not incorporate words and may or may not be bounded within panels or other boundary markers. We invite submissions from individuals in all academic disciplines, regardless of their level of experience with comics or illustration “skills.” Further, submissions will be welcomed from non-academics, as well, and the editorial team at Sequentials will consider all submissions equally. Submissions may be of any length and may be either a large, single image or a series of pages to be displayed sequentially. All submissions will be blind reviewed by the Sequentials editorial team. 

We strongly encourage contributors to consider how the comics form can interpret, envision, or reflect meanings associated with the given topic. To submit, please upload a submission title, cover letter, and high-resolution image(s) to the “Sequentials 2 – ‘Queer’ as Noun, Adjective, and/or Verb” category of the Submittable platform here: by January 20, 2018. If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Manchester at or Sid Dobrin at